Polish Spring Menu

For me Spring in Poland has a flavor of fresh vegetables: dill, radish, beets, cucumbers, young cabbage and potatoes. In Spring you can get first wild mushrooms – chanterelles. Very popular ingredient of Polish desserts is rhubarb. You can get first strawberries and cherries. So yummy! I tried to choose the best of Polish ingredients and recipes in Polish Spring Menu.

Today I’ve got 2 dinner menus for you, one is for usual Spring day, the other one is more special. Actually as I was writing this I decided, that I need to mention few wild plants soups, as an alternative to standard Polish Spring menu, as they are underappreciated, but so worth trying – full of vitamins, ecological and the main ingredient is usually free (like stinging nettle) 🙂

Let’s cook seasonally and let’s cook Polish dishes!

Spring Everyday Dinner Menu

  1. Appetizer: Rye bread with Polish Spring Cottage Cheese with fresh vegetables: Spring onions, cucumbers, radishes and radishes sprouts, dill and parsley.

2. Soup: Young Beets Spring Soup served with double cream and fried egg.

3. Main course: Polish Kotlety Mielone served with Kopytka (hoof shaped potato dumplings) and Chanterelle Sauce.

4. Dessert: Rhubarb Cake and Redcurrant Kompot.

Spring Special Dinner Menu

  1. Appetizer: Rye bread with Bear’s Garlic Cream Cheese.

2. Soup: Lithuanian Cold Borscht served with hard boiled egg.

3. Main course: Polish Kotlety Schabowe served young boiled potatoes, Stewed Young Cabbage and Mizeria.

4. Dessert: Polish Crepes with Farmer’s Cheese and fresh strawberries and Redcurrant Kompot.

Wild Spring Soups

  1. Stinging Nettle Soup

2. Bear’s Garlic Creamy Soup

3. Goosefoot Barley Soup

4. Polish Sorrel Soup

And last but not least in Polish Spring Menu: writing about Spring food I can’t miss Polish Half Sour Cucumbers!

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4 thoughts on “Polish Spring Menu”

  1. barszcz uwielbiam, nad życie 😀 mogłabym jeść codziennie, na każdy posiłek! 😀 Super post! Polskie jedzenie to coś wspaniałego! Doceniłam to dopiero jak wyprowadziłam sie do norwegii, ale lepiej pozno niz wcale 😀

    1. Haha, tak często bywa, że docenia się coś, jak się nie ma do tego dostępu:) A jaką potrawę najbardziej lubisz?

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