Polish Crepes with Farmer’s Cheese

Naleśniki z Serem

Polish Crepes with Farmer’s Cheese are one of the favorites sweet suppers in Poland. These thin pancakes served with Polish white cheese, heavy cream and almond flakes are the best!

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Polish crepes served on the plate


  • 4 cups flour
  • 2 eggs
  • 2 cups milk
  • water
  • clarified butter for frying


  • 1 lb/ 400 g farmer’s cheese – twaróg
  • 1 egg yolk
  • half cup powder sugar
  • few drops of vanilla extract

Combine flour with egg and milk in a hand mixer or manually. Add water to get heavy cream consistency.

Leave the dough on the side and prepare crepes’ filling. In this time gluten will start to work and the dough with become smooth and creamy. Fry on each side for about a minute.

For filling: combine farmer’s cheese with an egg yolk, add vanilla extract and powder sugar. Mix well. The consistency of the filling should be rather dry, so that the filling did not flow out the pancake while frying.

Assembling: Place 2 tablespoons of the filling on each crepe, spread it all over and fold. I like it rolled as on the picture, but you can can fold it twice in halves into triangles.

Fry till golden on each side. Start with the side where you folded the pancake, so that it stick together well. Use clarified butter for extra buttery flavor:)

Polish Crepes with Farmer’s Cheese are best served with double cream, sugar, berries or almond flakes. Enjoy! Smacznego!

Notes: you can substitute farmer’s cheese with fine curd cheese or ricotta. What can you do, if you don’t have twaróg, you can still enjoy naleśniki z serem🙂

Assembling of Polish crepe
Polish crepes served on the plate

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12 thoughts on “Polish Crepes with Farmer’s Cheese”

  1. Has anyone tried this with Almond Flour? My husband can’t eat flour. Also, I am going to serve with Strawberries… any one tried that?

    1. Hi Linda,
      I haven’t tried with almond flour, I think it is doable, but you need a specific recipe for almond flour.
      Your second question- sure! Strawberries are so yummy served with crepes!

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  3. can’t seem to find farmer’s cheese in my area and don’t know what it looks like? Is there another name it comes under?

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