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Lazy Pierogi

Leniwe pierogi, leniwe kluski Lazy pierogi are a treat to many Polish kids. They are delicate in texture, they…

Egg patties

Kotlety jajeczne Egg patties is a simple vegetarian dinner idea, in Poland they are often served for dinner in…

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Polish Pickle Cucumber Salad

Yesterday was the last day of Summer:( In order to keep some Summer tastes for short cold Winter days,…

2 Min Read

Polish Farmers Goulash Soup

Polish Farmers Goulash Soup is a thick, full of meat, country style soup, filling and warming, perfect in Autumn….

2 Min Read

Fried Parasol Mushrooms

Last weekend we went to Mazuria Lake district in the North East of Poland. We went mushroom picking twice…

2 Min Read

Most Popular Polish Vegetables

What is the must have of each Polish housewife? To prepare an every day soup or Sunday broth, you…

1 Min Read

Mushroom Barley Soup

Mushroom Barley Soup is a great seasonal food idea for Autumn. If you happen to get fresh wild mushrooms…

2 Min Read

Zamojskie Buckwheat Dumplings

Dumplings are Polish favorite dish. They can have a whole range of fillings: sauerkraut, meat, farmers cheese, fruits. For…

2 Min Read

Baked Pumpkin Soup

I don’t remember my Grandma using pumpkin, it was not popular those days. It became popular only recently, my…

1 Min Read

Millet Stuffed Peppers

Delicious vegetarian Millet Stuffed Peppers are a staple in my house. In fall months peppers are cheap, so I…

2 Min Read

Polish Yeast Cake

Ciasto Drożdżowe Polish Yeast Cake is a bit demanding and difficult to me:) Probably it is a case of…

2 Min Read

Vegetable Pancakes

In October there is still plenty of fresh and still cheap vegetables available in the market. I got large…

2 Min Read
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