Małdrzyki – White Cheese Pancakes

Małdrzyki – White Cheese Pancakes are a delicious idea for Polish supper, Sunday breakfast or just a sweet snack. It’s a sweet dish, however healthy, as its main ingredient is Twaróg, often in Poland referred to as white cheese. They originate in Małopolska, they are sometimes called: Małdrzyki Krakowskie. On the other hand this kind of pancakes can be found also in Polish eastern boarder cuisine, called Syrniki, Serniczki. Syrniki are popular in Ukraine and Belarus.

What exactly is Twaróg?

Twaróg is a type of fresh cheese. It can be compared to cottage cheese or farmer’s cheese, but twaróg has a drier and more crumbly texture. Twaróg is made by curdling milk with the use of a starter culture or an acidic ingredient like lemon juice or vinegar. The curds are then separated from the whey and typically pressed to remove excess moisture. The resulting cheese can be consumed as is or used in various dishes.

Twaróg is a good source of protein, calcium, and other essential nutrients, so dessert based on it can be consumed without guilt;)

In Polish cuisine Twaróg is a versatile ingredient, it can be enjoyed in both sweet and savory dishes, such as a filling to pancakes, Pierogi with Cheese and Potato or as a main ingredient of Małdrzyki – White Cheese Pancakes.

Małdrzyki - White Cheese Pancakes served on a plate
Małdrzyki are delicious with powder sugar


  • 250 g / 9 oz Twaróg
  • 3 eggs
  • 2 tablespoons powder sugar
  • few drops vanilla extract
  • 4 tablespoons wheat flour

Place Twaróg in a bowl, add egg yolks, sugar and vanilla extract. Fork blend all together well. Mix in flour.

In a other bowl place egg whites. Beat egg whites into foam with a dash of salt.

Gently combine beaten egg whites with Twaróg dough using a spoon.

Heat the frying pan, place a portion of the dough on a pan (without oil preferably. If your pan tends to burn, use a little oil or butter). Form round pancakes, they should be quite thick, around 1 cm. Fry 3 minutes on low heat, flip them over and repeat frying for about 2 minutes.

Serve Małdrzyki with powder sugar, yogurt, fresh fruits, mapple syrup or honey. Enjoy! Smacznego!

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  1. Hello from Australia! I just made a double batch of these for afternoon tea and served them dusted with icing sugar, cream and maple syrup. Smaczny! As a second generation Pole, I love reading your recipes

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