10 Traditional Polish Soups

Few weeks ago I met a Greek couple living in Warsaw. Dimitris asked me to show him how to cook Bigos. When we talked about Polish cuisine, Anja said that soups are something special for Poland. And this is a fact: in Poland soups are a staple in Polish homes for dinner. You can get it also in any restaurant, served as an appetizer. Check my review of 10 Traditional Polish Soups, soups I like the most and which are the most specific to Polish cuisine.

Which one have you tried and which are your favorite?

10 Traditional Polish Soups

1. Rosół – Polish Clear Broth

Rosół is Polish chicken noodle soup. Actually not only chicken is used – you can cook it with turkey, beef, veal, pork, the more kinds of meat in it – the better. Poles eat Rosół on a family Sunday dinner, just before serving another staple: Polish schnitzel – Kotlet schabowy🙂

Rosół is often called a Polish penicillin, traditionally it is served when someone gets sick.

Check my recipe: Rosół.

Traditional Polish Soup: Polish rosół served on a plate.

2. Żurek – Polish Sour Rye Soup

Polish Sour Rye Soup Żurek is traditionally prepared for Easter. It is a creamy and thick soup thanks to fermented rye flour used (zakwas). It’s hearty and filling, often served with Polish sausage and hard boiled eggs.

For this great comforting soup recipe check: Żurek.

Traditional Polish Soup: Żurek Polish rye soup served on a plate.

3. Beets Borscht with Uszka

This clear vegetable soup is traditionally served for Chistmas Eve. Wigilia dinner in Poland is usually meatless. Celebration starts when the first star is found in the sky by children. Poles eat Beets Borscht with Uszka – small ring size dumplings with mushrooms and sauerkraut filling.

Check my recipe for your next Wigilia: Beets Borscht with Uszka.

Traditional Polish Soup: Beets Borscht with Uszka served.

4. Krupnik – Barley Soup

Krupnik is a Polish chicken soup with vegetables and barley. There are carrots, potatoes, barley and meat in it. We also often add parsley for serving, I think this is a favorite Polish green sprinkle for soups:).

For this nutritious and healthy soup recipe check: Krupnik.

Traditional Polish Soup: Krupnik on a plate

5. Sorrel Soup – Szczawiowa

I don’t know if sorrel is used in other countries, in Poland this is an ingredient of very popular homemade soup. As a child I loved it and I still do:) Sour and sweet, made of sorrel collected in the summer and preserved in the jar for the rest of the season. Yum!

For Szczawiowa recipe check: Sorrel Soup.

Traditional Polish Soup: Sorrel soup served in a plate

6. Flaki – Polish Tripe Soup

Polish tripe soup have been often served as a wedding appetizer, it is also a staple on other occasions such as First Communion and Christianity. Either you love it or hate it, but as I observe most of the Poles like flaki:) It is originated in zero waste PRL cuisine.

Decide if you love or hate Flaki, check recipe: Flaki.

Traditional Polish Soup: Flaki served in a bowl

7. Pickle Soup – Ogórkowa

Pickle soup is made of brine fermented cucumbers. Something really Polish. If you want to amaze non Polish friends, cook them Ogórkowa:) It is also considered as a great remedy for hangover:)

Check if this is true, follow my recipe: Pickle Soup.

Traditional Polish Soup: Pickle Soup served on a plate

8. Lithuanian Cold Borscht – Chłodnik

Lithuanian Cold Borscht is a very popular soup in Summer. It is made of fermented milk drinks, cooked beets and lots of fresh rare vegetables: spring onions, cucumbers, horseradish, parsley. Chłodnik is thick and refreshing, perfect for Summer.

To check my recipe follow the link: Lithuanian Cold Borscht.

Traditional Polish Soup: Chłodnik Litewski served in a bowl.

9. Botwinka – Young Beets Leaves Soup

Botwinka is Spring soup made of fresh and young vegetables. Main ingredients are small beets and beets’ leaves. So delicious with a splash of sweet cream.

Try if you like Botwinka, my recipe: Botwinka.

Traditional Polish Soup: Botwinka served on a plate

10. Mushroom Barley Soup – Krupnik Grzybowy

Perfect comforting soup for Autumn. If you happen to get fresh forest mushrooms you need to try it. The add of barley makes the soup filing and comforting in chilling weather. Healthy and delicious.

Try my recipe: Mushroom Barley Soup.

Traditional Polish Soup: Polish mushroom Barley Soup served on a plate.

Try all 10 Traditional Polish Soups and decide which one you like the most.

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  2. Władysław Łoś

    Flaki are great, but real, traditional Polish flaki were alway rathe a thick stew, than a soup. It’s only under the communism that flaki were diluted to a soup, popular nowadays.

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