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Beef Goulash

Beef Goulash is a great Sunday dish for the whole family. We like it served with Kluski Śląskie, buckwheat…

2 Min Read

Vinegar Pickled Plums

Vinegar Pickled Plums are a great addition to meat dishes. Sweet and sour, make some to your pantry, they…

2 Min Read

Apple Butter

Mus jabłkowy, Apple Butter is my SOS kit in Winter, when I crave Polish Aple Crumble🙂 You can use…

2 Min Read

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Polish Potato Pie

Polish Potato Pie is official regional dish of Podlasie: Northeastern part of Poland. It is filling and delicious, if…

2 Min Read

Polish Half Sour Cucumbers

Ogórki małosolne This is a classic of Polish seasonal cuisine:) Fresh and healthy Polish half sour fermented cucumbers are…

2 Min Read

Dandelion Syrup

I’ve made Dandelion syrup few times so far. It’s so tasty. My children like pancakes splashed with Dandelion syrup…

3 Min Read

Polish Kotlety Mielone

Minced Meat Cutlets Polish Kotlety Mielone could be called meat balls, but in Poland we make them more oval…

2 Min Read

Polish Potato Pancakes

Placki ziemniaczane Polish cuisine is full of potatoes dishes. It is a cheap vegetable and can be easily stored…

2 Min Read

Polish Sorrel Soup

Zupa szczawiowa Polish sorrel soup is one of my top 3 best soups from childhood:) Sour and sweet, made…

2 Min Read

Onion Syrup for Immunity

It is always worth to care about your immune system, not only while coronavirus pandemonium. Onion Syrup for Immunity…

2 Min Read

Chłodnik – Cold Soup

This Chłodnik – cold soup – my Grandma was making us quite often, we loved to eat it accompanied…

2 Min Read

Polish Beans with Kiełbasa

Fasolka po Bretońsku The recipe for Polish Beans with Kiełbasa is very easy, there is a lot of freedom…

3 Min Read

Homemade Canned Pork

Mięso w Słoiku I remember eating Homemade Canned Pork made by my Grandma Emilka in our old house. Jars…

4 Min Read

Kvas/ Leaven for Borscht

Zakwas na Barszcz If you plan to cook natural, healthy and delicious Polish beets Borscht, for example for Polish…

2 Min Read

Fuczki – Sauerkraut Pancakes

I have lately discovered Fuczki – Sauerkraut Pancakes. I was surprised when I was frying Fuczki – their flavor…

3 Min Read

Rosół and Drop Noodles

Rosół z kluskami lanymi Rosół with Drop Noodles is a special homemade soup in many Polish families. It reminds…

2 Min Read

Beets and horseradish – Ćwikła

In my family house beets and horseradish – Ćwikła is served during Easter and Christmas, it usually goes with…

3 Min Read
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