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Ruthenian Pierogi with Ramps

Pierogi ruskie z czosnkiem niedźwiedzim Ruthenian Pierogi with Ramps are not a classic of Polish cuisine, actually I just…

Tartar Sauce

Sos Tatarski Tartar Sauce is a classic condiment popular in Poland, that adds a unique flavor and aroma to…

Baked Ham with Grey Sauce

Szynka Świąteczna z Sosem Szarym Juicy Baked Ham with Grey Sauce is a traditional dish in Polish cuisine. In…

Homemade Eggnog Ajerkoniak

I remember my mom used to make Ajerkoniak before many holidays and celebrations. Back in those days, flavored vodkas…

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Homemade Vegetable Seasoning

In late 80ties new seasoning gain great popularity in Poland – a yellow universal seasoning I don’t want to…

2 Min Read

Kopytka Potato Dumplings

Children love them. Kopytka Potato Dumplings can be served as a side dish or with a sauce, as a…

2 Min Read

Polish Leczo

Polish Leczo – Vegetable and Polish Sausage Stew Polish Leczo is a vegetables stew with Polish pork sausage. It…

3 Min Read

Poppy Seed Babka

Babka Makowa Poppy Seed Babka is a delicious cake, buttery, with crunchy poppy seed. So much easier to make…

2 Min Read

Sauerkraut and Mushroom Croquettes

Krokiety z kapustą i grzybami Sauerkraut and Mushroom Croquettes are one of the staple dishes in Poland for Wigilia….

3 Min Read

Beets and horseradish – Ćwikła

In my family house beets and horseradish – Ćwikła is served during Easter and Christmas, it usually goes with…

3 Min Read

Hut of Baba Yaga Cake

Hut of Baba Yaga cake is a dessert that my Mom made in my childhood. Now it’s not so…

3 Min Read

Kvas/ Starter for rye sour soup

Zakwas na żurek Kvas is a basic ingredient of Żurek, traditional Polish soup, prepared for Easter. It can be…

2 Min Read

Polish Broth – Rosół

Rosół drobiowy What about a rich broth made of poultry for Sunday dinner? Polish Broth – Rosół drobiowy is…

4 Min Read

Murzynek Polish Chocolate Cake

Classic Polish Chocolate cake is easy and delicious. Moist and fluffy, delicate, with perfect amount of cocoa and sweetness….

2 Min Read

Polish Cucumber Salad/Mizeria

Polish cucumber salad/Mizeria is one of the most popular and liked side dishes in Poland. The best served with…

2 Min Read

Orange Christmas Liqueur

Mid November is perfect to think ahead about Christmas. This confirms a fact that in some areas of the…

2 Min Read

Pickled Cucumber Sour Soup

Zupa ogórkowa Sweet and sour soup, easy to prepare, if you use vegetable stock – will be great for…

2 Min Read

Polish Sour Soup Żurek

Polish Żurek is a soup traditionally prepared for Easter. In some Polish families White Borsch is cooked instead of…

2 Min Read

Homemade Cream Horns

In my neighborhood there is a place with best cream horns in Warsaw. It’s called Rurki z Wiatraka, they…

3 Min Read

Zucchini pancakes

A season for zucchinis is long, you can get it fresh and full of flavor for the whole Summer…

2 Min Read

Jello Cold Cheesecake

I remember my sisters making Jello Cold Cheesecake years ago, when we were all living with parents. I don’t…

3 Min Read

Peas and Cabbage Stew

Groch z kapustą Phrase “peas and cabbage” in Polish common language is defined as mixing two things which do…

2 Min Read
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