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Grey Potato Dumplings

Kluski Szare If You like potato dumplings, you’d love Kluski Szare. They are called grey – because of their…

Żurek for Cheaters

Feel like Żurek, but don’t have kwas? You can make kwas yourself, if you have spare 5-7 days. Fortunately…

Beef Goulash

Beef Goulash is a great Sunday dish for the whole family. We like it served with Kluski Śląskie, buckwheat…

Vinegar Pickled Plums

Vinegar Pickled Plums are a great addition to meat dishes. Sweet and sour, make some to your pantry, they…

Apple Butter

Mus jabłkowy, Apple Butter is my SOS kit in Winter, when I crave Polish Aple Crumble🙂 You can use…

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Zucchini pancakes

A season for zucchinis is long, you can get it fresh and full of flavor for the whole Summer…

2 Min Read

Peas and Cabbage Stew

Groch z kapustą Phrase “peas and cabbage” in Polish common language is defined as mixing two things which do…

2 Min Read

Lazy Pierogi

Leniwe pierogi, leniwe kluski Lazy pierogi are a treat to many Polish kids. They are delicate in texture, they…

2 Min Read

Sauerkraut Salad

Kapusta Kiszona Sauerkraut Salad is a great immune support during autumn and winter, is a source of vitamins and…

2 Min Read

Bear’s Garlic Cream Cheese

Early spring is the only time in the year when you can obtain fresh bear’s garlic (also called ramps…

2 Min Read

Polish Poppy Seed Roll

Makowiec Polish Poppy Seed Roll Makowiec is traditional Polish dessert, in my family we always have it for both:…

4 Min Read

Polish Lard with Cracklings

Smalczyk – Polish Pork Lard with Cracklings is made of pork fat, you need to agree: it is not…

2 Min Read

Kwaśnica – Polish Sauerkraut Soup

Kwaśnica [kvah-shnee-tsah] Winter school break in Poland has just finished. This year there was not much snow or almost…

2 Min Read

Goosefoot Soup

Zupa z Młodej Komosy Most of the farmers in Poland would say that Goosfoot is just a weed, quite…

2 Min Read

Homemade Polish Paprykarz

Few days ago I prepared Homemade Polish Paprykarz. In Poland during PRL you could buy Paprykarz Szczeciński, which was…

2 Min Read

Blueberry Pierogi

Polish Blueberry Dumplings Blueberry Pierogi is the best food in Summer, specially made from wild, picked in the forest…

2 Min Read

Herring Under a Blanket

Śledzie pod pierzynką This herring salad has few layers of ingredients with herring on the bottom of it, that…

2 Min Read

Polish Pork Stew

In Poland we love one pot dishes, just like this one: Polish Pork Stew. You invest your time once…

2 Min Read


Mashed potato and flour Polish regional dish Prażoki is a dish made of cooked potatoes with the addition of…

2 Min Read

Braided Yeast Easter Bread

Pani Steciuk’s Paska Recipe I love cooking according to old recipes, specially I like real recipes of real people….

4 Min Read

Polish Spring Menu

For me Spring in Poland has a flavor of fresh vegetables: dill, radish, beets, cucumbers, young cabbage and potatoes….

2 Min Read
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