Polish Sorrel Soup

Zupa szczawiowa

Polish Sorrel Soup is one of my top 3 best soups from childhood:) Sour and sweet, made of sorrel collected last summer and preserve in the jar for the rest of the season. In Spring I make sorrel soup with fresh sorrel, fresh with no fertilizers used for growing, as I always collect wild growing sorrel.

Polish sorrel soup served in a plate with hard boiled egg.


  • 2 liters / 8 cups chicken stock
  • 6-7 potatoes
  • jar of sorrel or 2 bunches of fresh sorrel
  • half cup sweet cream
  • salt, pepper
  • tablespoon flour (optional)
  • 4 boiled eggs

Collect sorrel. Tear off the stems and wash leaves thoroughly. Dice it.

Use prepared in advance chicken stock to save time: http://cookinpolish.com/chicken-stock/ . Pour chicken stock to the pot, boil.

Add potatoes cut in cubes. Once potatoes are almost cooked, add sorrel – fresh or canned – and let it boil for 5 minutes. Season with salt and pepper.

Add sweet cream- at this point you can consider adding to a tablespoon of flour to cream, to make a soup thicker. First mix cream (or a cream and a flour mixture) with a plate of soup and then mix it with the rest of the soup. Let it boil for a second and take off the fire.

The other way of thickening the soup is to cook potatoes them separately, mash them and add for serving.

Serve Polish sorrel soup with boiled eggs cut in halves or cut in cubes.

Actually my Grandma Emilka had other way to add eggs, she would whisk eggs mixture into the boiling soup. I love it this way, even though many people would say the soup gets messy:)


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Polish sorrel soup served in a plate with hard boiled egg.

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24 thoughts on “Polish Sorrel Soup”

    1. Hi Helena,
      I would take a full handful of fresh sorrel, it shrinks while cooking. At the same time we need to remember not to put too much, because soup can get to sour.


        Thank you for that info. I’ve never had the soup but will make it, however, I remember it growing in Poland and we use to pull some and eat it as kids.

      2. Bought sorrel seeds from Rare seeds, I also believe Baker seeds has them.
        I buy sorrel at my farmers market.

        1. Iv read all Comments and my way is,,,
          Wild Sorrell, lightly fry, make a Rue with flour and sour cream, have a pot boiling with chicken stock, then add Sorrell then slowly add rue, add new potatoes then fresh Dill, there you have it!!!

  1. Hello,

    I love this soup and have not had it for 4 years since my mom passed. My mom canned the sorrel in a jar, do i use the liquid in the jar to make this soup? the amount of stock you use is so small

    1. So sorry to hear that!
      I use concentrated stock, I add water to it. One need to use stock according to experience and stock used.
      Yes, you use the liquid with sorrel, the whole jar.

    2. My mother liked to start a stock with pork. Add the usual celery, carrots, onion. Add potatoes a d then copped sorrel. She used sour cream. Loved it with some rye bread.

  2. Anyone have a recipe for canning sorrel? And where sorrel is not available, is there a suitable substitute?

  3. I use fresh sorrel. I first fry up some bacon, strain off some of the fat and then wilt the sorrel in the bacon pan. In the meantime, I’m boiling some soup stock, chicken or vegetable, with diced potatoes. When the sorrel is all wilted, I add it to the soup stock and continue to boil for a few minutes more. I serve it with boiled eggs and a dollop or sour cream.

    1. I add the hard boiled eggs chopped a little bit of deli ham sliced and cubed also some chopped cucumber when I serve the soup. That is the way my mother in law served it. I like the soup cold and my daughter likes it warm.

  4. Is there anything that can be used as a substitute for sorrel? I’m in Montana and have no idea what it is , where to find it, what will work if sorrel is not available.
    Thank you.

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