White radish salad – surówka z białej rzodkwi

Surówka is in polish cuisine very important part of the dinner- you eat potatoes, meat and – Surówka.

It is a salad prepared from raw vegetables, grated or cut, served with various sauces – sour cream, mayonnaise or oil.

Try also Mizeria, which is very popular in Poland: http://cookinpolish.com/polish-cucumber-salad-mizeria/

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Potato pancakes/ placki ziemniaczane

Old cook book gives a simple recipe for potato pancakes. They taste alike American hash browns. Why don’t you try potato pancake from Poland, just to check East European tastes:)

If you are too lazy to stand in kitchen at the pan for several minutes, you may like potato pie, traditional regional meal in Podlasie- a region in northern – eastern Poland. Check here for recipe: http://cookinpolish.com/potato-pie/

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