Young Cabbage Salad

It is the middle of the Summer, fortunately in Poland you can still buy young spring cabbage. The taste and texture is delicate and sweet, exceptional:) Yesterday I bought one on a local market, I paid 7 PLN, which is about 2 USD. I prepare Young cabbage Salad according to the directions of my sister:)

Try other Polish slaws and salads, they are usually served at canteens as a “Slaw bouquet”, which is a set of seasonal slaws on one plate.


  • half cabbage
  • 2 carrots
  • half onion
  • salt& pepper
  • 3-4 tbs rapeseed oil
  • dill for serving

Finely shred cabbage. Grate carrots. Dice an onion.

Mix all together.

Add salt & pepper and oil.

After few minutes cabbage will become softer and tastes will mix. Young cabbage salad can be served right away with dill or stored in a fridge.

For more Polish salads, check:

Grated cabbage, onions, carrots
Grated cabbage, onions, carrots - mixed.

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