Herring Under a Blanket

Śledzie pod pierzynką

This herring salad has few layers of ingredients with herring on the bottom of it, that is why it is usually called Herring Under a Blanket. This is one of my favorite herring dishes for Christmas Eve and Christmas.

Herring salad in a bowl


  • 3 fillets salted herring
  • 1 medium onion chopped
  • 4 medium beetroots baked or cooked grated
  • 4 medium potatoes
  • 2 medium carrots
  • 2 eggs cooked hard
  • 4tbs mayonnaise
  • 2 tbs thick yogurt
  • salt, pepper

  1. Cook potatoes and carrots in peels.
  2. Cut herring into small cubes, mix with finely chopped onions, add pepper. Put on the bottom of the bowl.
  3. Mix mayonnaise with yogurt.
  4. Mix grated beetroots with 3 tbs of mayonnaise sauce and transfer to the bowl, making the next layer.
  5. Cut potatoes into small cubes- this would be the next layer in a bowl.
  6. Cut carrots finely and mix with mayo sauce left. Cover with it potatoes layer in a bowl.
  7. Grate eggs on a small wholes grater and finish the bowl with them.

The salad is the best on the next day, when the flavors are mixed. Enjoy! Smacznego!

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5 thoughts on “Herring Under a Blanket”

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  3. Thank you so much for this recipe! I had this several years ago at a Russian/Georgian restaurant where they called it “Herring Under A Fur Coat”. I wasn’t sure I was going to enjoy the pickled herring or the beetroot (not common ingredients here) but all of the flavors in this salad were so delicious together. I will save this recipe so I can make it for our next festive occasion.

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