Baked Polish Sausage and Onion

Baked Polish Sausage and Onion is my idea for May Saturday’s lunch. Sausage is an important part of Polish cuisine:) There is a great range of different sausage types and Poles love: baking them, cooking, frying and grilling. Actually grilling is a new religion in Poland:)

1st and 3rd May are bank holidays in Poland, so majority of people get additional day off and enjoy ‘the long May weekend’. People in Poland start celebrating- they meet with friends and family in gardens and grill, grill, grill!

If you don’t have a garden and staying at home, this is not the end of the world – bake sausages in the oven.

Polish baked sausage with onions and baked potatoes on the plate.

Cut the sausage in halves and make shallow cuts on it- the fat will flow out and it will become nicely baked.

Bake in the oven on 160 C/ 320 F for about 20 minutes.

Serve with fried onion and baked potatoes or french fries.

Enjoy your Baked Polish Sausage and Onion! Smacznego!

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Polish baked sausage with onions and baked potatoes on the plate.

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