Polish Gołąbki Recipes

Gołabki are a staple on Polish tables and next to pierogi they are one of the most popular Polish dishes. Most of the people make classic meat and rice gołabki, but Polish cuisine has much more to offer, with vegetarian options available! You can boil or bake them. Some serve gołąbki with tomato sauce, other with mushroom sauce. I use cooked rice, some people use raw one. So many different ways to prepare and serve gołąbki. Check my short review of Polish Gołąbki Recipes below and try them, maybe you’d decide do experiment with other types of cabbage rolls or at least try some of them?

Polish Gołabki recipes - different types of cabbage rolls

1. Classic Gołąbki

There are many ways to prepare gołąbki, this is a classic one. Exactly as my Mom taught me. Try this tried and foolproof recipe: Classic Gołąbki.

gołąbki classic served on the plate

2. Gołąbki with potatoes

Once I tried them, I loved them. If you like potato casserole you’d like them too. perfect stuffing, fulling, hearty, comforting. Try this is a recipe: Potato Stuffed Gołąbki.

Potato stuffed cabbage rolls

3. Buckwheat and Mushrooms Gołąbki

Delicious gołąbki in vegetarian option. Healthy and yummy filling made of buckwheat and mushrooms with a bit of onions is easy to make. Recipe: Buckwheat and Mushrooms Gołąbki.

buckwheat and mushrooms gołabki

4. Young Cabbage Gołąbki with Champignons Sauce

Try Young Cabbage Gołąbki, a version made with young, tender cabbage, served with a savory mushroom sauce. It’s a light and subtle combination that’s perfect for warm summer days. Using young cabbage makes the Gołąbki soft and easy to prepare, while the creamy mushroom sauce adds a delightful flavor.

Young Cabbage Gołąbki with Champignons Sauce

I will expand this post and share more Polish gołąbki recipes soon!

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  1. Barbara Brennan

    My mother sometimes put strips of bacon over top of cabbage rolls in pot. After adding tomato sauce which most often was water added to ketchup to use up ketchup.

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