Podlasie Tour

And why it’s so worth to take a sentimental tour to Eastern Poland

Part 1

July is a great time to visit Podlasie, where time flows slower, allowing space for reflection and contemplation. Beautiful landscapes, warm- hearted, welcoming people, this is Podlasie to me. I invite you to Podlasie tour- a trip through small, picturesque villages, clean rivers, wild forests and blooming fields.

Podlasie Tour- Day 1

In the morning we packed up and set off on our way to Podlasie, we felt the wind in our hair, ready for the adventure:D . Not a long trip though, Podlasie is really not far away from Warsaw. Our first stop was after a bit more than an hour.


Drohiczyn is a charming, historical town 120 km from Warsaw. We went to Zamkowa Mountain to see picturesque view of the meandering Bug River and the town.

We also had a stop at a local restaurant: U Ireny, where we had a regional specialty, served only in few places in Podlasie! We couldn’t have missed it:) Even if it was a really early lunch:)

Zaguby are a kind of pierogi. It’s a roll made of pierogi dough, with a filling of raw potatoes, then cut into portions and boiled. We had Zaguby with Kwas Chlebowy- regional non alcoholic beverage, a produce of fermenting bread and malt, dark browned with a rich flavor, reminding porter beer.




Kwas chlebowy

Restauracja u Ireny


Second stop we had was Ziołowy Zakątek (Herbal Corner)- a place near Koryciny village. There is a farm with hens and roosters, goats, sheep and many more. There is also a huge botanical garden abounding in herbs, as Ziołowy Zakątek is a producer of natural herbs and spices. It’s such a beautiful place to visit! Area is really huge, you need few hours to see it all. There is a place to sit and relax, you can eat there, so one can spend there even a whole day.

Botanical Garden entry
Ziołowy Zakątek old building

Rooster again:)
Drying herbs

Mullein bloomed everywhere and attracted bees
Wooden church

Is it also echinacea? probably:)
Shop with spices

Blooming flowers

Yellow mallows
Ziołowy Zakątek

Ziołowy Zakątek

Wooden church by the pond

Rose garden, unfortunately after rose blooming

Rose house

Who knows what this place is? Answer at the end of the post:)

Old buildings in Ziołowy Zakątek


We stopped here to eat at Ziemia Brańska Gospoda. Kartacze, Lithuanian Cold Soup – these are Podlasie staples, we needed to check:)

You can make Kartacze according to my Grandma Emilka recipe, who was born in Podlasie: Kartacze recipe. For Lithuanian Cold Soup check this link: Barbie Soup;)


We stayed at beautiful agriculturist place at the Narew river – Malowane Wrota. We were treated as friends, it was a perfect place to relax after a day of sightseeing.

Check Part 2 of our Podlasie tour soon! I need few days to prepare pictures:)

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