Sourdough/Kvas for sour soup/ Zakwas

Sourdough is a basic ingredient of Żurek, traditional Polish soup, prepared for Easter. It can be also called: kvas or sour starter, and is made by fermenting rye (for Żurek) or wheat (for White Borsch) flour. The process is easy, although you need few days to have your own homemade sour starter.

There is a whole variety kinds of sourdough, that you can prepare and use for soups, it depends on the flour you use. I prefer oatmeal one, because you can get very fresh flour on the spot- all you need to do is to grind oatmeal in an old coffee mill:) If you plan to make 100% traditional Żurek, use rye flour and follow the instructions below.


  • 4 tbs oatmeal/ rye/ wheat flour
  • 4 cloves garlic
  • few bay leaves
  • few allspice balls

Cut garlic into pieces, place all the ingredients in the big jar (1 liter/2,1 pints or bigger) and fill the jar with warm water.

Cover it with a cloth and and stir it every day with a wooden spoon.

After 5 days (in winter could be 6-7) oatmeal sourdough is ready!

Now you are ready to cook a sour soup with boiled eggs and Polish sausages:)

Check the recipe for żurek here:

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      1. 2-3 cups water plus the rest of the listed ingredients – perfect! I’m gonna try grinding wheat berries to make the wheat flour to use in Zalewajka.

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