Rapeseed Oil

“Cudze chwalicie, swego nie znacie!”

Which means that we tend to appreciate more something that is abroad while we are not aware of resources we have. It reminds me of our polish Rapeseed Oil. Many people use oil of olive, while we have our own super- oil! Rapeseed oil is healthy, it’s cheap, it’s produced locally, probably that are the reasons it is the most popular oil in Poland. You can find rapeseed oil in most of Polish households and in 100% of grocery stores:) We use it, but at the same time we don’t appreciate it as much as we should. Let me present some facts on rapeseed oil.

Nutritional value

Rapeseed oil is not only a great source of unsaturated fatty acids that are beneficial to your health, but also vitamins. It is rich in vitamins E, K and A. Can you believe that it has 10 more times more of omega-3 acids than oil of olive? Omega 6 to Omega -3 ratio is very favorable too, it’s 2:1. It has comparable to oil of olive amount of omega – 9 acids too. It contains the least of all vegetable oils unfavorable from the nutritional point of view of saturated fatty acids. It’s neutral in flavor, so it would not change a flavor of a dish you cook.

Rapeseed oil improves brain function, reduces the risk of cancer, increases energy resources, lowers the risk of diabetes, helps in weight loss and improves the condition of the skin.


Rapeseed oil is extruded nomen omen from rape seeds:). To get one liter of oil you need 3 kg of rape seeds. To get 3 kg of seeds you need to harvest rape seeds from about 3 sq meters of the rape field. So we need a lot of hectares of rape fields to support all Polish families:)

To get oil seeds are being cold squeezed in the press. As a result of this process you get virgin rapeseed oil, which is the healthiest, provided that seeds are of high quality. The best advice is: buy certified cold pressed virgin oil, that is produced ecologically. It should be used without warming up, for salads and other cold uses.

Rapeseed oil is also perfect for cooking and frying- then you need to buy refined oil, which is (after squeezing in a press) cleaned of all impurities. Thanks to that it is safe to use in high temperature cooking. It still does not lose it’s nutritional value!

For example rapeseed oil is the best to naleśniki:) Have you tried Polish Crepes with Farmers Cheese? Delicious! 🙂

Yellow fields of rape

In May rape plants are blooming and they are doing it spectacular:), when you travel through Poland then you can enjoy these huge yellow fields. Your face would smile immediately, it’s so bright and delightful, you would feel more happy and optimistic even on a cloudy day:) In May you can find hundreds of pictures of instagramers posing in the yellow fields, it’s a must to have it, if you want to be called an influencer:)

Don’t you think that rapeseed oil is a Polish national treasury? 🙂

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