Mackerel and Farmers Cheese Salad

Awanturka – Pasta z twarogu i ryby wędzonej

During Lent or if you just try to limit meat on your table, you may like to try this easy and healthy bread spread – Smoked Mackerel and Farmers Cheese Salad. Actually you can use any other smoked fish, if mackerel is not available in your area. I am using mackerel, because it is the cheapest and the most popular smoked fish available on Polish market. It have been always widely used by our Grandmas trying to feed large family on budget. Mackerel is a fat fish, soft and delicate.

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Mackerel and farmers cheese salad.


  • medium smoked mackerel or other favorite smoked fish
  • 150 g/ 6 oz dry farmers cheese
  • 1 tbs mayonnaise
  • 3 tbs sour cream or thick natural yogurt
  • medium red onion
  • handful chives for decoration
  • salt, pepper

Remove skin and bones from smoked mackerel. Separate the fish meat into small chunks and place them in a bowl. Add fork shredded dry farmers cheese. Mix well to combine ingredients. Add thinly chopped onion.

Season with salt and pepper. Add 1 tbs of mayonnaise and 3 tbs of sour cream. Use more sour cream if you think it’s still too dry. Season with salt and pepper to your taste.

Mackerel and Farmers Cheese Salad can be served on rye bread or just on a toasted yesterday’s roll, with chives and tomato.

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2 thoughts on “Mackerel and Farmers Cheese Salad”

  1. Mary Abramczyk

    Amazing! Instead of farmer’s cheese, I hung greek yogurt for 2.5 days and used that soft/spreadable mass (160g), so I didn’t add the additional yogurt. The hot smoked mackerel I used was about 110g. It made enough to spread on 2 pieces of bread – perfect for a lunch!

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