Chicken De Volaille

Polish Style Kotlet De Volaille

Chicken De Volaille is a delicious dish, in Poland it is often served on weddings, first communions receptions, but also you can come across them in office canteens and of course in Polish food restaurants. It’s known in many European countries, France, Ukraine, it is even called sometimes Chicken Kyiv. In my family house we didn’t have them included to our daily routine, my Mom used to make pork rolls (stuffed with strings of cucumber, bell peppers, sometimes bacon) but never Chicken De Volaille. I’ve made Chicken de Volaille few times, at the beginning it was not easy at all, but then I’ve worked out a method and now I find making them really doable and the outcome is really delicious:)

If you don’t feel comfortable with making them, you can use my simple instructions and check pictures below to make the best Chicken De Volaille.

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Polish Gyros Salad

Polish Gyros Salad is very popular on parties in Poland, it is easy to prepare and delicious. It’s name comes from very popular seasoning used here to marinate the meat- Gyros, which is a mix of garlic, coriander seeds, charloc, sweet pepper, fenugreek, chilli pepper, rosemary, oregano, thyme and black pepper.

This is a piece of Polish contemporary cuisine, not traditional one, still- worth to try, as it is delicious:)

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