Stewed Pork Chops

Bitki wieprzowe

I make stewed pork chops every couple of weeks, each time I don’t have time or just not feel like cooking each day. I make a bulk portion of simmer pork chops and my family is happy with it, specially once I serve it with Kopytka – diagonal shaped potato dumplings.

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Polish Breaded Pork Cutlets Schabowe

Kotlety schabowe

Last weekend me and my husband Robert decided to prepare a full 2 course meal for our family of 4. Traditional and standard;) Polish dinner on Sunday is a rich broth and Kotlety schabowe: Polish breaded pork cutlets. They can be compared to Austrian Wiener Schnitzel, but does not have to be prepared from veal.

We went to the local market where you can get vegetables and meat directly from farmers.

I prepared pork chops, Robert prepared rosół – rich chicken broth- check it here:

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