Elderberry’s flowers & pineapple fermented lemonade

June is a month of black elderberry flowering, so great time to go to the countryside and collect some. You can use it for elderberry flowers’ syrup, tincture or lemonade.

This elderberry’s flowers fermented drink can be a start to your own experiments with fermented lemonade.


  • 5-6 elderberry umbels
  • 1 lemon
  • 1/2 pineapple
  • 3 l water
  • sugar

Cut flowers from umbels to get off the twigs, place in a 4 liter jar. Cut pineapples into large cubes, add to the jar. Add sliced lemon. Remember to clean it thoroughly before.

Prepare solution: dissolve sugar in warm water, for each liter about 4 tbs of sugar.

Close the jar and leave it for few days. Open the jar every day to let the gases out and mix lemonade. Now lemonade is being fermented by the wild yeast from elderberry flowers.

After 3-4 days filter lemonade, pour it to the bottles and keep in the fridge.


If your pineapple is very sweet, you can add less sugar.

If you want lemonade to be more sparkling, add more sugar. You can add extra sugar to the bottle and leave it for a week in a fridge for the best effect.

Don’t worry about being the drink too sweet – sugar is eaten by wild yeast in a process of a fermentation and as a result you have delicious fermented, refreshing lemonade.

I used lemon juice instead of the lemon slices.

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