Surówka- Polish Slaw

Surówka – Polish slaw is always on Polish table for dinner: you have meat, you eat potatoes and there must be also Surówka as a side dish. Polish slaws are usually made of raw vegetables, but there are also very yummy slaws made of cooked vegetables (more popular in winter) or with addition of fruits. Most of them are really easy to prepare, they are healthy and dietetic. It’s important to use good oils – preferably raw unrefined, as they are the healthiest. You eat surówka without thermal preparation, so all the best of oils will remain inside of the dish. Another important thing is to choose high quality vegetables, I go to local market where farmers are selling their produce. I buy from my favorite trusted sellers.

When you go to the restaurant or a dine at the canteen in Poland, don’t be surprised when you’d be offered ‘bukiet surówek’ -‘a slaw bouquet’, which is a set of 3 or 4 seasonal slaws, fresh and seasonal. You need to try that!

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