Oberiba – Kohlrabi Soup

Oberiba – Śląska zupa z kalarepy Oberiba – Kohlrabi Soup is a soup traditionally cooked in Silesia area in Poland. Silesian cuisine is still new to me, but what I’ve tried so far was so good. You may like to check Silesian Dumplings or Silesian Beef Roulade – all so delicious and worth trying. Oberiba …

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Canned Sorrel for Sorrel Soup

Starting from early Spring I have an access to fresh plants of sorrel. It grows wild in my parents garden. Doesn’t matter how many times it is cut, it always regrows. Some people may be unhappy to have a sorrel and other wild plants instead of grass lawn, but not me. I like wild plants, …

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Chicken De Volaille

Polish Style Kotlet De Volaille Chicken De Volaille is a delicious dish, in Poland it is often served on weddings, first communions receptions, but also you can come across them in office canteens and of course in Polish food restaurants. It’s known in many European countries, France, Ukraine, it is even called sometimes Chicken Kyiv. …

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Polish Strawberry Jam

Strawberries got much cheaper, as they are in full season. To preserve this deliciousness for Winter, I made Polish strawberry jam, exactly as my Mom used to make in my childhood. With no jelling sugar, simple and short list of ingredients. Sugar and lemon juice are preservatives, they help to preserve jam over Winter. Although …

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Asparagus in White Sauce

I haven’t had asparagus in my childhood, there was shortage of food in a hard times of communism and we usually had a simple food. Nowadays asparagus is common on Polish tables, but I was convinced it was a piece of modern Polish cuisine. What a surprise it was when I found a recipe for …

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Prune Stuffed Pork Loin

Schab ze śliwką Yesterday I was chatting at the butchers in a long queue, an old lady inspired me to buy pork loin and make Prune Stuffed Pork Loin. It’s a roast meat that can be served warm, as a main dish, with mashed potatoes and a favorite Polish slaw. For Easter we often have …

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Polish Meatloaf with Eggs

Pieczeń Rzymska, Klops Polish Meatloaf with hard boiled Eggs appears to be a popular Easter dish in Poland. It looks very nice on the table, while is rather easy to make. You can use already ground meat or ground it yourself, then it is just a matter of seasoning and few simple ingredients that would …

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Buckwheat and Mushrooms Cabbage Rolls

Another vegetarian version of gołąbki, if you are a lit bit overwhelmed with masses of meat used in Polish cuisine, check this recipe for buckwheat and mushrooms cabbage rolls. The preparation process is just like classic Polish cabbage rolls, so you probably have experience in it, but the outcome can surprise, both meat lovers and …

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Beef Tartare

Beef Tartare was a very popular appetizer during communistic Poland. It was always served on weddings, first communions, name days and other gatherings. Those days meat was cheap, although not so easy to get. Now meat, specially beef is one of the most expensive here in Poland. Remember to buy beef from a trustworthy seller, …

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Silesian Red Cabbage

Silesian Red Cabbage is the most popular Silesian side dish. It’s a stew of red cabbage, sometimes itself, sometimes with addition of onion or apples, it all depends on the Silesian family. There is many recipes, try this one below, easy and quick, it will make a perfect set with Silesian Beef Roulade and Kluski …

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Cebularze Lubelskie – Onion Rolls

In two weeks we are going to visit Lublin. Each time we are going for holidays we try to get to know as much as possible about the region we go. Kids task was to check Lublin area legends, I am checking regional cuisine and trying to find places to eat the best regional food. …

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Forest Mushrooms & Sauerkraut Dumplings

Pierogi z Kapustą i Grzybami Are you fasting during Lent? Whatever you will answer, it is always good to limit quantity of meat in your diet. But, let’s admit, having Forest Mushrooms & Sauerkraut Dumplings is not fasting, this is something you look for and desire. This is a treat:) The best served with sauteed …

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