Liver and onion

Liver and onion has its origins in Jewish cuisine. Jewish culture has been alive in Polish culture for centuries and has influenced also Polish cuisine. Liver and onion is the most popular way of preparing liver.

If you prefer lighter approach you may like Liver salad with strawberries recipe, which will be published on my blog soon:)

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Polish tripe soup – Flaki

Either you love or hate it. Tripe soup has lots of proponents and the same number of opponents:)

Several years ago it was a standard starter on weddings, usually nowadays you are faced with a choice: tripe soup or chicken soup (

Using tripe, liver and other offal parts for me is a respect for the animal, that gave his life so that we could eat it. Some may say it is also in line with ‘zero waste’ trend that is getting more and more popular nowadays. I support it!

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