I love polish food

Hi! My name is Aleksandra and I live in Poland. I believe Poland with its beautiful sights, great cuisine and tenderhearted and hospitable people is worth popularizing. I am in my late 30ties, with two children in primary school, trying to put my heart on the plate:)

I love traditional dumplings with cabbage and forest mushrooms, which are prepared in bulk by mums and grandmums.

For Christmass I eat ‘bigos’: cabbage with mushrooms and selection of meat stewed for many hours in a big pot.

Polish culture is gathering around a big table with your family and your mum keep asking “Do you want some more?” every 10 minutes. At some point annoying, but once you are away, you miss this family moments and the place where you belong.

And I love Poland.

I love traveling across the country, tasting local cuisine, staying amazed by stunning sights, villages with old wooden houses, old people living simply and complying to rules of nature and I want these moments to last.

Kind of ‘end of the world’ places I appreciate the most, but I also like small colorful towns where people live slow and seem more relaxed. Young people tend to leave towns attracted by big city life, so Warsaw, Cracow, Poznan, Wroclaw are getting crowded with newcomers, who bring new ideas, making their hopes and dreams come true.

In big cities you cannot get bored if you are open minded and curious about what you see.

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